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Red Flags That a Marriage is in Trouble

Sept. 27, 2013

Do you have a feeling that you and your spouse are drifting apart? Every family dynamic and marital relationship is unique in its own way. However, there are some standard warning signs that you could look out for when examining your marriage. Keep in mind that couples can come back from this and improve in these areas, but for others it is a sign of irreconcilable differences. Here is a list of common red flags that stand as warning signs that you may have a troubled marriage:

  1. You and your spouse seen to be withdrawing farther from one another

  2. When you fight you tend to make personal stabs and bring up past arguments

  3. There is constant nagging or nitpicking between you and your spouse

  4. You have found the two of you have nothing nice to say to each other

  5. Instead of addressing and talking through your problems you keep quiet

  6. You and your spouse have stopped communicating

  7. You find that you and your spouse have different goals and aspirations for the future

  8. The trust between you two has been broken and you constantly feel guarded

  9. Sexual intimacy between you and your spouse has diminished

  10. Your spouse keeps certain text messages or phone calls hidden from you

  11. Your spouse is in contact with their old significant other

  12. You find that your spouse is trying to keep you away from your friends and family

  13. It comes to light that your spouse has been hiding money and lying about finances

  14. Your spouse is either physically or emotionally abusive towards you

  15. You or your spouse has been unfaithful or has considered being unfaithful

  16. The two of you don't spend your free time together

  17. You don't just have fun together any more

  18. When you or your spouse enjoys their alone time when you are away

  19. When you can't tease each other anymore because it feels personal

  20. You find that eye-rolling is happening much more often between the two of you

  21. You feel that you and your spouse are no longer compatible

  22. You are now at the bottom of their priority list

  23. Your spouse never seems engaged in conversation and they just sit their silently

Are you and your spouse having troubles? Are you seeing red flags that your marriage is in trouble? If so, do not be afraid to seek professional help from a third party to help clear up some of the issues. If you are your spouse have irreconcilable differences and are headed in separate directions, then contact the Law Office of Fritzie Galliani, APC.