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Looking for an attorney for a court order modification in Pasadena, CA? There are many reasons people choose to have a modification to their divorce decree. Divorce decrees, sometimes referred to as final orders, outline the details of child support, alimony, visitation or division of property in a divorce proceeding.

Some people wish to make modifications to their divorce decrees after an extended period of time after being divorced, due to rising circumstances such as a move or the rising costs of a child as they grow, or because they were unhappy with the original final order. For whatever reason you are looking to make a modification to your legal decree, it is important that you contact a Pasadena divorce attorney to help guide you through the process.

What Can Be Modified?

Your final order can be modified in almost every aspect. The divorced couple may choose to make any modifications that they see fit or the jurisdiction which appointed the original document may make modifications. Grandparents of children who are directly affected by a decree may file a suit to make a modification as well. Various types of modifications that are commonly seen are modifications to child custody or support and child visitation rights.

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Parents commonly seek a modification to their decree due to the one of the following:

  • They wish to receive more child support

  • Pay less child support

  • Establish longer visitation rights

  • More frequent visitation rights

If a change in circumstance has arisen such as relocation or there are medical circumstances that have come about for the child, a request for modification may be made.

Temporary Orders to Final Hearings

Once the decision has been made to make a modification to a divorce decree, a court can grant a temporary change to the legal documents. This works well for parents who need an immediate change in the final order. Most of these temporary orders are honored by a judge, seeing as the orders are in the child's best interests. A final hearing may be prepared to permanently change the decree of a divorce case.

An attorney is highly recommended to go about this change though, as the Motions to Modify Prior Orders in Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship can be as complicated and drawn out as your original divorce proceeding. Judges will always rule on the side of the child's best interest. If you are ready to make modifications to your divorce decree, it is important to retain an experienced Pasadena family law attorney from the Law Office of Fritzie Galliani, APC.

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