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Determining paternity is important in defending your rights as a father. If you are a father looking to gain custody or visitation of your child, you may need to establish parentage. This is most commonly an issue for unmarried couples, as the state of California will generally only automatically recognize a married husband as a father. If you are unmarried, it is important that you legally establish paternity to ensure that your rights as a parent upheld.

Conversely, if you are a mother looking to gain child support from the rightful father of your child, it is to your advantage to legally establish paternity. Making a point of determining the rightful father to your child can guarantee that you will receive the proper child support that you deserve to make sure you and your child have a prosperous future.

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Establishing Paternity in California

Establishing paternity can be done by an official Declaration of Paternity or by a court order defining who the legal parents of the child are. There are various ways that a paternity test can be administered including:

  1. Genetic testing may be requested of the potential father

  2. A simple voluntary signing of a Declaration of Paternity can count as an acknowledgement of paternity

It is important that you, and the court system, know who the father of the child is. It is beneficial for the child to have the financial and emotional support from both parents as well as the right to health insurance and inheritance. It is recommended that even if a child has one parent that does not want any involvement in the child's life, that the other parent establishes paternity regardless.

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Under California law, if the father was never legally married to the mother of the child during the conception or birth of the child, the father has no legal rights and responsibilities to the child in question. In order to obtain child support or visitation rights, legal parentage must be established.

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