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Need an attorney for a relocation case in Pasadena, California? There are many reasons people choose to relocate after a divorce. Perhaps you had moved originally to be near your significant other? Moving back near family can help the rehabilitation process after a divorce.

Sometimes people move because of months or years later because of a job opportunity. Regardless of the reason for moving, the relocation may directly affect your divorcee decree, especially if there were children involved in the separation. Studies show that almost 25% of all custodial parents will move within the first two years following a divorce. Trying to relocate after a divorce may be very difficult. Most of the time, the parent that is left behind can feel hurt and upset and can raise a lot of troubles for the parent who is trying to move. Some states have laws that determine how a court will deem if a parent is allowed to move away from the area where the child is.

Sometimes, your final order documents may already restrict your move, in which case you may petition to file for a modification to your divorce decree. If your decree specifically states that you are not allowed to move or there are any travel restrictions, you should consult a Pasadena divorce lawyer.

Moving After Divorce?

What Factors Determine if I Can Move?

A judge will look at a few factors in determining if the move is in the best interest of your child. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Is your move abiding by prior agreements that you and your ex-spouse have made?

  • Does the move negatively affect the relationship of your child and or any siblings that they may have?

  • Is the move for the military?

  • Will the move occur every few years? (The more "permanent" parent may gain sole custody of the child.)

  • Does the move improve the quality of life of the child?

  • Is the move within the child's preference?

If the child is over the age of 12, a judge may interview the child to help determine if the move is a sound one. If you are looking to relocate or are already trying to and are experiencing interferences because of an ex-spouse or divorce decree, get the help you need.

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