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Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested divorce is perhaps the most common method of marriage dissolution in the U.S., and it is inarguably a much simpler process than its counterpart, contested divorce. The process of uncontested divorce allows both parties of a divorcing couple to quietly end their marriage, utilizing the simplest and most inexpensive method out there. This does not mean, however, that you will not need a Pasadena divorce attorney by your side as you complete the process.

How to Complete the Process of an Uncontested Divorce

The process of completing an uncontested divorce is appealing to many couples because of the ease with which it can be completed. This type of divorce hinges on the fact that both husband and wife will mutually agree to the terms of their divorce effectively, negating the need for court interference. It does not mean, however, that an attorney does not need to be involved.

In fact, each party of the divorcing couple will need to secure their own form of legal representation. No divorce lawyer — at the Law Office of Fritzie Galliani, APC or anywhere else — can represent both sides of a divorcing couple.

As with all cases of divorce, the same core elements will need to be involved. Specifically, you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse will need to agree upon the following:

To do so effectively, you must have a qualified divorce attorney on your side. Although the establishment of these matters can seem relatively easy to accomplish, they can present many more complications than might be expected. Even in cases of uncontested divorce, the divorcing couple will likely still encounter bumps in the road that could detract from the overall process of their divorce, hence requiring the knowledge and direction of an attorney.

The division of property and the custody of children are sensitive issues that can evoke emotional responses from the parties involved. This is normal! In fact, it's to be expected, and it's exactly why at the Law Office of Fritzie Galliani, APC we make ourselves available to persons who have opted to follow through with an uncontested divorce in California. It is never a bad idea to consult with a legal professional regarding the concerns you may have during your divorce process.

You don't have to be going through a contested divorce or a complex divorce in order to qualify for legal representation. Before you sign the legal documents that will make your divorce agreement official, it is wise to seek the advice of an attorney who can offer helpful insight into the decisions that are being made and the long-term effects that they could have.

Looking to Simplify Your Divorce?

Uncontested Divorce vs. Contested Divorce

There are many advantages to opting for an uncontested divorce rather than a contested divorce. For many couples, the significant differences in time and money that must be invested to complete a contested divorce vs. an uncontested divorce are reason enough to opt for the latter option.

Couples who can mutually agree upon the terms and conditions of their divorce will not only benefit financially, but will also benefit from a renewed sense of privacy as well. While all divorces are a matter of public record once they have been filed with the court, the personal disclosures that are made between couples during the process of their uncontested divorce can remain completely private.

Generally, many couples determine that uncontested divorce is the right process for them. This is because even couples that have internal issues that cannot be immediately agreed upon might be able to do so in the course of an uncontested divorce. Under the instruction of a professional divorce lawyer, or under the guidance of a mediator, disagreements can be amicably resolved without needing to involve the court or commit to the tedious process of a contested divorce.

As long as both spouses have the professional advice of an experienced attorney, completing an uncontested divorce can remain relatively simple and far less expensive.

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In all that we do, our efforts always remain professional, and the effectiveness behind our labors has proven to be successful for many of the clients that we've represented over the past three decades. We encourage you to contact our office today to learn more about the process of uncontested divorce and how we can be of help at this time.

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