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I hired Fritzie about 3 months ago and from the beginning, she made me feel comfortable. I was going through custody and wanted supervised visitation due to the father of my two small toddlers being an alcoholic and irresponsible parent. Going to court and filing paperwork when you have no clue as to what to do can be quite difficult and time consuming considering I am not knowledgeable of family law whatsoever. I filed my own paperwork but I was missing a lot of documents, and I had to keep going back. Frustrated and missing many days at work, I had to seek help, and a co-worker of mine recommended I contact Fritzie. She re-filed all my paperwork, wrote up a judgment, helped me set up a visitation schedule, was fair in having the father involved but with limitation for the reason that I was/am very concerned for the safety of my children. She won my case and I thought that was the end of it. A month or two passed by and I received no confirmation as to the status of child support. Being a mother of two toddlers and providing alone with no help at all, I felt hapless and I didn't know what else to do. Fritzie took it upon herself to call the employer and follow up. The employer was REFUSING to honor the order for various reasons that were completely irrelevant and the staff was clueless and extremely rude. They were stating it was an invalid order. Their staff was being ignorant and uncooperative and kept hanging up on her. Fritzie was assertive and persistent in getting to the bottom of this and getting her point across in a professional matter. She finally got a hold of the Vice president of regulatory affairs and settled all of this. Of course after going back and forth with this person in charge, and Fritzie warning them that if they do not comply, they would be faced with legal consequences and will pursue this further to the courts, they finally honored it within the next day. This Company should be embarrassed as to how their employees present themselves, especially handling payroll. It is scary because this is a worldwide company and they have people like these ignorant people working for them. I honestly am thankful for Fritzie. She does her job EXTREMELY well in a professional matter. On a personal level, she's a very sweet and caring woman and had the best interest for my kids. I appreciate her hard work and dedication. Even after everything was settled, she follows up with me to see how everything is going. I would've still been fighting this on my own or even worse. I highly recommend her!

- Christina

In my divorce originally there was a temporary restraining order against me. I was not able to see our children since the false accusations were extremely strong. I was in big trouble.

Fritzie did a very detailed work on my case to sharply point of every single discrepancy in the recitals of my ex-wife. Fritzie’s solid experience in Family and Crime court was an invaluable asset for this work.

After a two day trial, the Judge completely turned it around and issued one restraining order against my ex-wife and there was a protection order in place with two years and I have primary custody of our children. I think that was a great result in my case.

I would strongly recommend Fritzie to any of my friends.

- MA

I want you to know that you were fantastic to work with even though I was a very difficult client. I will always be there to help you with anything you need for your house or office. You are the rare attorney who actually cares about her clients and does what is best for them. I would give you a 15 on a 1 to 10 scale with 10 being the highest because you are so far above the others!!!!!

Thank you so much for your guidance.

- Michael F

Review excerpted from Avvo, with edits to grammar:

Fritzie Galliani has been a superb criminal and family lawyer for me. I have worked with her on a long case: 8 months and still going. My wife is on her 4th family lawyer and gradually losing. I hope that you can make a judgment about Fritzie Galliani based on this lengthy legal matter rather than on others with a brief legal encounter. I wish the best luck to readers of my review.

- Barry

Fritzie Galliani has been my attorney for many years. The magnitude of help received from Fritzie is beyond comprehension in the upmost of outlandish of my cases with her including criminal, civil, and family. All the meanwhile, she has successfully held my hand and heart throughout my very daunting experience of many endless experiences, meetings, depositions, trials, custody orders, restraining order trials and grants and has made quite a name for herself in fact, in the domestic violence advocacy departments. Fritzie does not for one second, ever stop protecting you, nor does she stop fighting for justice. My particular experience with her across the board, is very intense. She has encouraged and turned the District Attorney and the FBI in my favor when they were fraudulently extorted into hurting and believing false truths about me. When indeed it was and still is her hard work which has turned judges into explicitly verbalizing on the record, my ex’s "unabashed dispicable fraudstering”. After tears and years of abuse turned into judges’ eyes opening, law enforcement protecting, mental health advacators putting their hands up and helping to end the violence - Fritzie has opened the path for light at the end of my tunnel.

- Kristen