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Child Support

The state of California states that both parents must still retain the legal responsibility of raising a child, even if one parent does not see the child on a regular basis. If you have been granted child custody and are looking to establish child support payments to help in the raising of you and your ex-spouse's child, it is important that you contact a divorce lawyer from our firm today. You do not even have to have been married; fathers of children born out of wedlock may still have to pay child support. Child support payments will cease after the child turns 18 and the support does not cover college funds.

There are varying factors that could determine the amount of money that the non-custodial parent may owe to the custodial parent. The court will determine how much a parent is obligated to pay based on a formula that determines how much income the non-custodial parent is making and what the living conditions were during the marriage. This may vary depending on how many children are being paid for as well.

Factors Determining Child Support

The state of California has a Department of Child Support Services to aid benefactors and those that owe child support. Some factors that can affect how much money a non-custodial parent may owe can include:

  • The amount of income that they are currently making

  • What their taxes are

  • How much mortgage is owed by the paying parent

  • What health insurance they have and if it covers their children

  • What the special needs of the children are

  • How many children there are

  • The capability for the supporting party to make child support payments

  • If children are involved from another marriage

California has a calculator to determine how much is owed. One can also be found available online through the state's website.

Can I Make Changes to My Child Support Order?

The court will agree to modify a child support order under certain circumstances. They understand that financial circumstances change over time, but you must be able to show proof that the child support situation needs to change. Typically the court will consider recalculating the amount of child support if you are able to prove one of the following:

  • You have had more children since the original order (Stepchildren do not count)

  • Your income has been reduced or you have lost your job

  • The other parent's income has gone up

  • You have been spending more time with the children and the custody % has gone up

Need an attorney for your child custody case in Pasadena, CA? If you feel that the amount of child support in your case needs to be reduced or increased, then take legal action today. Speak with a Pasadena child support lawyer from our firm to help protect your rights.

Need to Settle on an Agreement?

Child Support Enforcement

What some people seem to forget is that child support orders are not a suggestion; they are a court mandate which must be followed. If you and the other parent have a dispute over child custody or any other issue, the non-custodial parent cannot stop paying child support to get back at the other.

If you are not being paid the child support payments that you are entitled to, then our Pasadena child support attorneys can work alongside the court to have the child support order enforced. The California courts have several different enforcement methods including:

  • Wage garnishment

  • Suspending all professional licenses

  • Suspending their driver's license

  • Deducting the money from tax returns

  • Being arrested and taken to jail

On the same token, if you are paying your court-ordered child support and you are still being refused access to your children, then our legal team can fight to enforce your rights as a parent.

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Searching for an attorney for a child support case in Pasadena? If you are seeking legal counsel for payments that are owed or if you owe payments and are back on them, it is important that you contact an attorney. Our attorneys are familiar with laws pertaining to child support and custody and can help you determine what you owe and what penalties you could be facing for back-owed payments.

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