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Legal Separation

Looking for an attorney for a high net worth divorce in Pasadena, CA? Divorce is a life-changing decision that will forever affect the dynamics of your relationship as well as the demeanor of your entire family. As such, not all couples are ready to commit to the effects of such a decision. In these cases, legal separation is often a viable alternative.

Legal separation is an official, court-ordered, written agreement that establishes formality to a couple's decision to live separately. This type of separation is not the same as divorce however; it will cover all of the same aspects as would be included in a divorce agreement. For this reason, it is critical to employ the efforts of a skilled legal professional, such as a Pasadena divorce lawyer at the Law Office of Fritzie Galliani, APC.

Although the very nature of a legal separation suggests that the marriage could be reconciled, the legal actions taken prior to the separation must address every aspect of the marriage as if it was being dissolved. This means that very specific aspects of the marriage will be taken under scrutiny, including:

  • The lifestyles of each spouse involved

  • Their personal assets

  • Communal property

  • The parenting plans of couples with children

In this way, the court order which establishes the legal separation can be sure to include the conditions that will be expected to be met as a couple lives apart. As they would be in a divorce, the following conditions will need to be addressed:

Following the Court's Orders

The official recognition of a legal separation can only happen once the courts have been involved. Couples whose marital struggles prompt them to spend time apart will only be formally recognized as legally separated if proper involvement of the court has occurred. Specifically, a legal separation requires the official drafting and documentation of a court-ordered agreement.

The intent behind the separation agreement that is created on your behalf is to address the potential issues of living apart that could arise as a couple embarks on this new stage of their lives. Thus, the courts are very thorough in the conditions that are set forth within the verbiage of a separation agreement.

As the conditions of your separation are created, you will undoubtedly require the professional support of an attorney. Only with a divorce lawyer on your side can you feel confident in the decisions that are made in regard to the conditions that will be included in your separation agreement.

The best way to ensure that your needs are met and the circumstances of your separation reflect the best situation for everyone involved, you need to have an attorney on your wide whose every effort will be invested in the pursuit of your best interests. At the Law Office of Fritzie Galliani, APC that is exactly the approach that we take, and the results for our clients have been immeasurably successful.

Reach an Amicable Conclusion

Separation as a Temporary Means to Divorce

For some couples, the divorce process can be quite tedious and extremely lengthy. Cases of contested divorce in which the couple cannot mutually come to an agreement on the terms and conditions that must be established before a divorce can be finalized can take months or years to complete. In situations such as this, the divorcing couple could be required to stay together for a much longer period of time than either can comfortably handle. To accommodate circumstances of this nature, legal separation might be a good alternative.

During the interim period between when a divorce is filed and when it is actually enforced, many circumstances of the marriage will be under consideration. This process can be relatively quick, but it can also be significantly time-consuming. For a couple that is eager to part ways, the interim period can feel almost interminable. Therefore, legal separation can be used as alternative means to live apart despite the fact that a divorce has not yet been finalized. In fact, this can be an extremely productive way to foster a couple's new identities apart from one another, all while hashing out the details which will be specified in the final terms of the agreement.

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