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Fathers’ Rights

Are you facing a custody battle for your children? Are you going through a divorce where children are involved? This time in your life can be stressful and filled with emotion, especially if there are children involved in your separation. As a father, you have the right to see your children and assist in their lives as a parent. However, the justice system tends to side with the mother in most custody cases, discrediting a father in his ability to raise a child.

There may be a few more steps that a father may need to take to ensure that they have the same visitation, custody and parental rights as their mother, but it is all worth it in the end. Searching for a lawyer for a fathers' case in Pasadena? If you are facing a legal battle with an ex-spouse or the current custodial parent of your children, it is time to contact our law offices to retain a strong and confident Pasadena divorce attorney.

Protect Your Rights as a Father

How Do I Protect My Parental Rights As a Father?

Numerous studies have shown that direct involvement with a father in a child's life has positive outcomes in their futures. A bond between a father and a child is special and you deserve to be as much involved in raising your child as their mother. Unfortunately, there are sometimes hoops you may need to jump through in order to prove to a judge that you are fully capable of raising your child and being involved in their lives. Some courts will ask a father to prove paternity through a blood test or DNA test. If you are trying to obtain full custody of your child, the overseeing judge may consider the following:

  • Your income

  • Your mental and physical health

  • Your current living situation

This is to make sure that you are the best parent to be directly involved in the child's life. It is important to prove that you are fit to raise a child and that you are of sound mind and financially prosperous.

Need an Attorney for Your Fathers' Rights Case in Pasadena, CA?

Although the many varying factors that can affect your visitation and custody rights can be confusing — a confident and experienced family law and divorce attorney can help you. As a biological parent, you have rights and should be allowed to be as closely involved in your child's life as their mother is. Do not let your rights be walked all over! Protect them by contacting a Pasadena fathers' rights lawyer from our firm as soon as a situation arrives that deters your rights as a father

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