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How is Life After Divorce?

Sept. 23, 2013

Is your family facing a divorce? The divorce process itself can be very difficult, not to mention the emotional turbulence that it can have on a family. If you are newly divorced or you are currently filing for divorce, it is important that you know that the healing process takes time. Many people wish that they can simply move on with their lives the minute that the ink dries on the divorce agreement, but as emotional creatures it does not always work that way.

For many getting out of a divorce, they need to find themselves again and their new role in life. If your number one role was being a husband or wife, then you will be coping with the acceptance of being single. For others, maybe the other spouse wanted the divorce but the other wanted to work things out and they have to accept the unwanted divorce. For mothers who used to be stay at home moms, now you may have to return to working a full time job to make up for the loss of income. How you cope with your new reality will make all the difference as you enter into this new stage of life.

The first step in moving towards peace and acceptable with your divorce is to find your "Plan B" and focus on moving forward in that new direction. With a new focus in mind, it makes it much easier to rebuild your life. With a plan B you are being proactive rather than just waiting for your new life to get better. In order to come up with your Plan B you have to let your anger go and focus on dreaming about the future. It is going to take time to adjust to the single life, but as you move toward your plan B, you will be able to get more out of being single. Next thing you know you are finding yourself more hopeful and excited about the future.

Most of the work is all mental, your perspective and frame mind must be in the right place. If you are newly divorced, it is really easy to let hurt feelings and depression bring you down, but you can't let it. In order to help you through this difficult time, it is vital that you remind yourself of the following:

  • Wounds can heal with time

  • You are still very much worthy of someone's love

  • Look back to who you were before your bad marital relationship

  • It is ok to grieve and cry once in a while

  • Don't be afraid to seek professional counsel

  • Take this opportunity to strengthen your faith

  • Be open to new things and explore all of your options

  • You must be willing to take action, otherwise you will remain stagnant

  • Be patient with yourself and cheer yourself on

  • Keeping a daily journal can help you sort through your thoughts and emotions

  • Don't completely isolate yourself, it is good to get out once in a while

  • Reassess your new reality and get in tune with yourself

  • Positive friendships can make the divorce transition much easier

  • Make the most out of being single

  • Don't rush into a new relationship right away, take your time

You should also remember that through adversity people become stronger- you could grow to be a stronger and more confident person at the end of your healing process. If you need assistance with the filing of your divorce, or you are seeking to modify or enforce a divorce order, please do not hesitate to speak with a Pasadena divorce attorney from our firm. Contact the Law Office of Fritzie Galliani, APC today!